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Have questions about the FalconStrike? Please browser our FAQs below.

I have a Benelli Super Black Eagle composite stock and there aren’t any screws holding the pad on. How does that work?

The Benelli Super Black Eagle/ Supernova comes with a model-specific adapter that slips inside the stock to add screw holes. Be sure to specify when ordering.

I have a stock that was shortened. Will they fit?

Yes, our FalconStrike multi-fit will easily adapt to your stock.

Can I order custom sizes?

We are always looking to expand our FalconStrike size offering. If you don’t see anything that fits, drop us a message along with the details. Our engineering department is busy working on other sizes, and we might already have something on the go.

Length of Pull - How thick is the FalconStrike?

The FalconStrike thickness is 1  3/16.

How much does the FalconStrike weight?

The FalconStrike weighs 5.5- 6 ounces (depending on size). Most rubbler pads weigh 3 – 4 ounces.

Do you have a FalconStrike for my gun?

Mutli-fit FalconStrike is manufactured to fit today’s most popular and hard to find stock sizes and covers late model guns.

Do you offer a military, law enforcement or first responder discount?

Yes, please see this page for details. Credentialed militart, veterans, law enforcement and first responders get 15% off plus free shipping.

Can I grind the pad to fit?

No. You must not grind the FalconStrike rubber. The bladder is a very specific thickness and must not be altered. You can alter the mounting plate by 1/16” to blend the plate to the stock. Some gunsmiths put a small radius on the edge to blend the plate to the stock.

Can I mount a FalconStrike on my AR?

Yes, the FalconStrike AR Mutli-fit comes with a buffer tube adaptor that expands to fasten the pad to Mil-Spec or Commercial buffer tube platforms.

How good a fit can I expect?

The FalconStrike multi-fit hydraulic recoil pads were carefully developed with aircraft grade precision to match the new guns on the market. Some older guns were modified in time or were manufactured to be pretty, not exact in size. Some minor variations can be expected on older guns.

Is FalconStrike guaranteed?

We take great pride in making FalconStrike Recoil Pads perfect. If you have any problems, return it to us and we’ll send you a replacement. If you wear one out, we want to talk to you, because in our product testing, we ran 52800 shots on one and quit trying to wear it out. That is a box of shells every day for 7 years and 2 months…

Is the Hydraulic oil toxic? What if I do something stupid and the fluid comes out, will I sprout another arm on my forehead?

No. The fluid in the FalconStrike is not toxic. In fact, the fluid is 100% food grade and poses zero health or environmental risks.

How do I pick which FalconStrike to get?

Simply choose your stock type: wood, synthetic, AR or junior size.

Can I install the FalconStrike myself?

If you can change a doorknob, yes, you can install the FalconStrike. You’ll need basic tools and the skill to run them.

What do I do if the screw holes don’t line up?

On wood stocks, you can plug the old holes with a hard wood peg and wood glue, then re-drill a 5/32” hole using the FalconStrike cam plate as a drill guide. See these installation instructions before starting. If you’re handy with machine shop tools, you can make holes in the cam plate as you see fit, as long as you don’t wreck the cams, the mounting hole or the integrity of the plate.

FalconStrike came with 2 sizes of screws. Which screws do I use?

Most wood stocks use the bigger size #10 screws. Some composite stocks use the smaller #8 screws. We send both sizes so you will waste no time installing the FalconStrike. Sorry, we can’t send all the weird ones, but if you are stuck, we would love to help you get back to shooting as soon a possible, so send us a message.

How can I pick a size if I’m making my own stock?

Compare the wood, synthetic or junior dimensions, click BUY NOW, and you’re in business!