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FalconStrike Reduces Recoil Energy

The hydraulic fluid works to match your body shape that contours the shoulder when the gun is fired. The gun wraps around you—you don’t wrap yourself around the gun.

How FalconStrike Recoil Pad Works 2

The elastic bladder expands by 10% or more to spread the energy from recoil around a larger surface area.

How FalconStrike Recoil Pad Works 3

The energy conversion dampener (found on aircraft landing gear) further works to reduces recoil energy by converting peak force into heat—that ultimately gets distributed evenly at the point of contact.

FalconStrike Gives You These Advantages

80% Less Recoil Energy

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FalconStrike vs. Rubber Pads and Muzzle Brakes

FaclonStrike vs Leading Rubber Pad
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At FalconStrike, we know that you want a more comfortable shooting experience. To do that, you need to reduce the punishing effects of recoil.

Recoil causes flinching that reduces accuracy and can cause persisting soreness and pain—which shortens the time you can enjoy shooting, hunting or competing.

Rubber pads do little to reduce the total energy from recoil that affects your whole body.  Pads act as buffers that reduce the felt “kick” of a rifle that can push up to 2,200 lbs of force on your body and shoulder within thousandths of a second.  Most pads only have air chambers that absorb the “kick” and vibration through proprietary materials that work as an extra layer of padding. Shot for shot, recoil pads don’t do enough to fight fatigue and soreness.

Muzzle Brakes can cost hundreds of dollars and lost time at the gunsmith. Muzzle brakes increase noise levels, cause blow-back and add undesired length to your barrel.

With FalconStrike, you get enhanced recoil energy reduction through hydraulic dampening without the cost and expense of installing a muzzle brake.

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